ATA Endorsement

The Australian Tutoring Association (“ATA”) is the peak tutoring industry body in Australia. It’s primary mission is to work with stakeholders in the Australian tutoring industry, and to lobby government, with a view to raising the standard of tutoring in Australia. The ATA requires all of its members to abide by a code of conduct which details acceptable standards of practices for tutors in Australia.

As part of its commitment to raising the standard of tutoring in Australia, the ATA has previously identified the need to establish a system for creating and implementing quality standards and minimum benchmarks for tutors and tutoring in Australia. It is this objective, through partnership with Accredited Tutor, that has underpinned the creation of the service.

The partnership between Accredited Tutor and the ATA has facilitated extensive consultation with key industry operators in the creation of the tutoring standards and benchmarks established and delivered through Accredited Tutor. Mohan Dhall, CEO of the ATA has written and overseen the development of the Accredited Tutor online training course that is a key element of the tutor accreditation process.




Dr William McKeith AM

Managing Director, Schools Active Worldwide

“This accreditation model is rigorous and thorough.  It is content rich and addresses the important matters that impact on quality delivery of tutoring services.”

“This accreditation model brings a measure of quality control and training to the industry.  Those responsible for this initiative are to be congratulated on the high standard of this model”

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Emeritus Professor George Cooney AM

Macquarie University

“The accreditation framework and units of study endorsed by the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA) help to improve the overall standards within the tutoring sector and will provide greater accountability for parents and also the mainstream system of education.”

“Particular strengths of the accreditation model are:

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Mrs Roslyn Vernon (Bachelor of Science (University of Sydney), Diploma of Education (University of Sydney)

Mrs Vernon has taught in numerous independent schools and has an excellent reputation as an educator in schools and as a tutor.

“As a longstanding teacher and tutor of Mathematics (all levels), Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Science, I thoroughly appreciated the extensive and innovative approach taken by Accredited Tutor in its video presentations and written material aiming to enhance the tutoring profession.

I am delighted to endorse this initiative and would indeed have appreciated having access to such material when I began tutoring while studying at University.  Should I succeed in my aspiration to tutor and teach in developing countries I will be looking to utilise these excellent training modules there.”



As consideration for their time and effort in developing the content to be used in delivering the tutor accreditation service, a small share allocation (in Accredited Tutor) has been made to Mohan Dhall and Storm McGrath.  In addition to the expert input provided by both Mohan and Storm, the accreditation framework and training content has been reviewed and endorsed by a number of independent professional educators and industry experts, and approved by all directors of the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA) Ltd.  Moreover, both Mohan Dhall and Storm McGrath have an arrangement with the ATA board to allocate any and all profits to which they may be entitled for any tutors accredited in Australia to the ATA for the advancement of the not-for-profit peak body.