Complaints Policy

All accredited tutors are required to meet the requirements for accreditation as stipulated by the Australian Tutoring Association.  Click here to read the minimum requirements for accreditation.

In addition, all Accredited Tutors must agree to the Rules of Accreditation which include a Code of Conduct with which all Accredited Tutors must comply.

If you believe that an Accredited Tutor has not behaved in accordance with the Rules of Accreditation, and you wish to make a complaint about an Accredited Tutor, please submit your complaint by email to, or by mail (refer to our Contact page for more contact details).


To be considered by Accredited Tutor, the complaint must include:


Complaints received will be processed as follows:

  1. Accredited Tutor will contact the complainant to verify details of the complaint, and ensure the complaint is not brought in bad faith.
  2. If the complaint has been referred to the police or Accredited Tutor is of the view that the nature of the complaint is serious, then at its absolute discretion, Accredited Tutor will suspend the tutor’s accreditation pending further investigation.
  3. The complaint will be referred to the Australian Tutoring Association for further consideration, and the complaint will be handled in accordance with the Australian tutoring Associations complaints handling procedure.  Accredited Tutor will apply such sanctions as are required or recommended by the Australian Tutoring Association.