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For Parents

Visit the Find an Accredited Tutor page.  Here you can search for a tutor by entering the location, subject area, or level (e.g. primary, secondary, tertiary) and then clicking Search.  You will then be presented with tutors that match your search criteria.

For Tutors

Click here to apply for accreditation.  The accreditation process involves:

For more information about the requirements for accreditation, and the accreditation process click here.



What is your child protection policy?

Click here to read Accredited Tutor’s child protection policy



Are all Accredited Tutors good tutors?

Accredited Tutor cannot provide any guarantee or claim that all Accredited Tutors are good tutors.  We verify that tutors have met the requirements of accreditation which include:

Students or parents of students have the opportunity to provide testimonials for accredited tutors, and tutors then have the option to display these testimonials on their public tutor profile.



How much does it cost to become an Accredited Tutor?

Please visit this More Information page which provides details of the minimum requirements and pricing involved in becoming an Accredited Tutor and renewing your tutor accreditation.



What are the Working with Children or police background check requirements?

All accredited tutors must meet the working with children requirements in the state in which they provide tutoring services, and in South Australia and Tasmania (which currently does not have a working with children requirement) they must complete a National Crime Check.  Accredited Tutor is an accredited agency with CRIMTRAC, the Federal agency responsible for conducting National Crime Checks.

Click here for more information about Working with Children Checks or to apply.



How does the National Crime Check process work? (may be relevant for tutors providing tutoring services in South Australia and Tasmania)

If you need to complete a National Crime Check as part of your accreditation you will be prompted, during the tutor accreditation process, to enter the information required for the National Crime Check.  Accredited Tutor will then send you the relevant forms.  You will then check the forms, enter any additional information, complete the 100 point ID check requirement, then send the forms back to Accredited Tutor.  As an accredited CRIMTRAC agency, Accredited Tutor will then process the application.

Once we receive the original forms, we will process the National Crime Check submission, and the result is generally returned to Accredited Tutor within 10 days.  Provided no adverse results are returned, Accredited Tutor will approve this element of your accreditation, and it will disappear from a requirement on your My Account page.

(Note if you provide tutoring services in any state or territory other than South Australia and Tasmania, you will be required to have a current Working with Children Check (or equivalent) in place, and you will therefore not also have to complete a National Crime Check as this is incorporated into the Working with Children Check processes)



What if an adverse result is returned from my National Crime Check?

If, after submitting a National Crime Check submission, an adverse result is returned by CRIMTRAC, you have the right to query the result if you believe the result is an error, and there is an established process for challenging the result.  Please contact Accredited Tutor should you wish to challenge a negative result from your National Crime Check.

Accredited Tutor will not approve your application for accreditation until CRIMTRAC confirms suitability (this is referred to as “No Disclosable Court Outcomes”)



What if I don’t satisfactorily pass the Working Children Check process in my state?

You cannot be an accredited tutor.  If you don’t agree with the outcome of your Working with Children Check you should contact the relevant child protection authority in your state to discuss the matter.



Do I have to be a teacher to be an Accredited Tutor?

No, you do not have to be a qualified teacher to be eligible to become an Accredited Tutor. Click here to read the Minimum Requirements for accreditation.