Tutor accreditation for businesses
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Accredited Tutor recently introduced business accreditation. There are two levels of business accreditation – basic business accreditation, and premium business accreditation.  Each of these tutor accreditation types are explained below.


Basic Business Accreditation

Basic business accreditation involves the business proprietor meeting the requirements of accreditation for an individual, and it is also a statement on behalf of the business proprietor that he or she will operate their tutoring business in accordance with the code of conduct required by Accredited Tutor.

Pricing for basic business accreditation is as follows:

  • Business with a Qualified Teacher as Proprietor: $195+GST
  • Business with a non-teacher as proprietor: $259+GST

(the price difference reflects the fact that non-teachers are required to complete a training course provided as part of the accreditation process)

How do I purchase Basic Business Tutor Accreditation:

To purchase basic business accreditation, click here to register an account and follow the prompts to commence your accreditation.  When you are prompted to select your accreditation type, select ‘business’ accreditation.


Premium Business Accreditation

Premium business accreditation involves the business proprietor meeting the requirements of basic business accreditation, plus, the proprietor must commit to all of their tutor employees or contractors being accredited.

The benefits of Premium Business Accreditation include:

  • Access to discounted accreditation rates for your tutor employees
  • Your business brand is promoted along with the profiles of your tutor employees
  • Customers that contact your tutors under your business brand are directed to you the proprietor
  • Accredited Tutor independently verifies the education credentials of your tutor employees and contractors
  • Accredited Tutor independently verifies the working with children status of your tutor employees and contractors, and ensures that these stay current.

Pricing for Premium Business Accreditation

The pricing for premium business accreditation is dependent on the number of tutors you employ or engage.

How do I purchase Premium Business Accreditation

Premium Business Accreditation cannot be directly purchased on the AccreditedTutor.org website.  You must contact us by email – contact@accreditedtutor.org or call 1300 309 460 to discuss your requirements, and we will provide you with a quote for your premium accreditation package.