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Benefits of becoming an accredited tutor

  • Be verified as a trustworthy tutor
  • Make more money by finding more students
  • Stand out from the crowd with a formal qualification in tutoring
  • Join a network of tutors supported and promoted by Accredited Tutor

Become an Accredited Tutor

Minimum Requirements

To become an Accredited Tutor you must:

  1. agree to the ‘rules of accreditation’ which include your agreeing to provide tutoring services in accordance with a code of conduct,
  2. satisfy police background check requirements,
  3. have completed your high school certificate and be enrolled in or have completed a tertiary education course at an Australian recognised tertiary institution.
  4. If you have not completed a 3 year tertiary course you will also be required to satisfactorily complete a literacy test.

The Accreditation Process

  • Click ‘Become an Accredited Tutor‘, we will then take you through the process of registering your account, purchasing your accreditation product and creating your profile.
  • You will then need to meet the requirements of your accreditation which may include completing a series of online training courses, supplying documentation to verify your education background, and supplying proof of your working with children check status.
  • If you have not yet completed a tertiary course, you will be required to satisfactorily complete a literacy test.  To pass the literacy test you must achieve a score of 90% or higher.  When undertaking the literacy test, you have the option to claim English as a Second Language. If you claim English as a Second Language, the pass score for the literacy test is lowered to 60%, but you will then not be able to include humanities subjects in your tutor profile.
  • If you have completed a 3 year tertiary degree you may be eligible to apply for ‘Specialist’ Accredited Tutor status. Click here to read more about the requirement for Specialist Accredited Tutors.
  • Qualified teachers are eligible for discounts and exemptions.  Pricing details are provided below; click here to read more about exemptions for teachers.


Become an Accredited Tutor

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