Antonia McCurdy - Accredited Tutor

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Antonia McCurdy

Accredited Tutor | VIC

Accreditation No : AU2532873

Location : Melbourne, Victoria


Hi my name is Antonia. I offer MSL (Orton Gillingham tutoring) services for children and adults with dyslexia or literacy difficulties.
I have a Bachelor of Phonetics and am currently enrolled to do my Masters in Speech Pathology. This background gives me a wealth of knowledge about language development and the effects on literacy skills.
I offer tutoring from my home where I have a designated quiet room solely used for MSL sessions. The sessions go for 50 minutes and the charge is $90 per session.

High School Certificate
Bachelor or Phonetics

Australian Tutoring Association Member

Tutoring Subject:
  • Primary Literacy & English
  • Reading Special Needs
Tutoring Services:
  • Will tutor one on one
  • Will provide online tutoring
  • Will travel locally to visit students
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