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Carola Stranger

Accredited Tutor

Accreditation No : AU2209677

Tutor with : Kip McGrath

Location : FLYNN, Australian Capital Territory


Carola Stranger has been the director of Kip McGrath Education Centre - Belconnen since 2001. She is a qualified secondary mathematics teacher with more than 25 years teaching experience. She has also worked as an experimental scientist with CSIRO and a preservation scientist at the National Library of Australia. Carola is passionate about helping students to further their understanding and is dedicated to filling any gaps in their education. In partnership with Kip McGrath, she and her wonderful team of primary, secondary and college teachers, can get your child back on track with learning and help in the development of their potential for future success.
The basic system in Kip McGrath is simple: children are first assessed to determine their strengths and weaknesses in reading, spelling, comprehension, writing, grammar and mathematics. This is a FREE comprehensive assessment followed by a consultation with parents. On the basis of this assessment, individualized programs can then be designed to specifically target the unique needs of that student. We aim to work from their current level of understanding towards meeting their goals, thereby fulfilling their potential while catering for unique learning styles. These elements are what makes Kip McGrath - Belconnen different from other tuition: CHILDREN'S TUITION PROGRAMS ARE BASED ON THEIR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS AND LEARNING STYLES.
At Kip McGrath - Belconnen, we teach students in both English and mathematics, from kindergarten through to year 12 (including Specialist Maths). Children are taught individually within a small group setting. Dedicated, committed and experienced teachers work with a maximum of five students, each child working on their individual program and receiving one-on-one assistance as they require it. In addition, secondary students have the opportunity to work in areas required for their school program, so that they remain up-to-date in their understanding of the current school topics being studied. This focus is also pivotal in college tuition.
Kip McGrath - Belconnen also caters for children who are travelling well at school but wish to consolidate their studies, as well as those who desire to be extended. The personalised delivery of the programs provides an inherent flexibility that allows our experienced teachers to adapt and cater for the needs of students with learning and attention difficulties - encouraging them to take ownership of their learning and behaviour, and to develop strategies to overcome challenges.
Kip McGrath - Belconnen, whilst being a large and successful Centre, is dedicated to working on a personal level with all our children to achieve their educational goals. Students and their families are treated with respect, professional integrity and sincerity - understanding and valuing the trust that has been placed in us as educators.

High School Certificate
Bachelor of Science Honours Diploma of Education
Kip McGrath

At Kip McGrath we offer a wide range of tutoring programs suited to Australian students. Some of the subjects we cover include Get Ready for School, maths, English, spelling, comprehension, essay writ

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At Kip McGrath we offer a wide range of tutoring programs suited to Australian students. Some of the subjects we cover include Get Ready for School, maths, English, spelling, comprehension, essay writing and preparation for high school exams for senior students. If your child is about to start school, or of primary or secondary school age and could use a little extra help, contact your local Kip McGrath Centre in Australia today to organise a free assessment.

At Kip McGrath we employ qualified teachers to ensure our tutors have the right experience to assist your child. Our tutors are passionate about helping students improve their results through tuition and are committed to this goal. The tutors enthusiastic approach helps to make sure your child enjoys their tutoring sessions at Kip McGrath.

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  • Maths
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Mt Rogers Community Centre

Corner of Curley Street and Clarey Crescent


Australian Capital Territory


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