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Matthew Ovens

Specialist Accredited Tutor

Specialisation : Maths,Calculus,Statistics,Advanced Tertiary Maths

Accreditation No : AU4008048

Tutor with : YourStatsGuru

Location : 112 Garden Grove Drive, Mill Park, Victoria, 3082


With over 10 years experience teaching undergraduates, post-graduates, teachers and academics at various tertiary institutions, I have been privileged to support with some outstanding people on their learning journeys. I have also had the opportunity to help both teachers and students realise the vast amount of mathematics and statistics that one encounters in everyday life, outside the classroom.

After more than a decade working for Monash, La Trobe and RMIT universities, having won awards for teaching excellence and having worked with academics from other Australian and international tertiary institutions, it was time to start the next challenge in my life. In late 2011, I embraced the opportunity to further pursue my passion for teaching and writing about mathematics and statistics through self-employment.

High School Certificate
Bachelor of Science with Honours
  • Monash University
  • |
  • 2005
  • |
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  • Majoring in both mathematics and statistics.
    Thesis title: Optimal batting strategies in One-Day International Cricket.

    Research publications:
    Norton, P. and Ovens, M. (2005) “Online Quizzes in Introductory University Statistics Courses” in proceedings Kingfisher Delta , Varsavsky, C. Eds., Central Queensland University, Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia, pp 242-252.

    Ovens, M. (2005) “Optimal Batting Strategies in One-Day Cricket”. Honours Thesis, School of Mathematical Sciences, Monash University.

    Bukiet, B. and Ovens, M. (2004) “Modelling One-Day Cricket Batting Orders” presented at Denver INFORMS 2004, Denver, Colorado, USA.

    Ovens, M. (2004) “If it rains, do you still have a sporting chance?” in proceedings MathSport 7, Morton, R. H. and Ganesalingam, S. Eds., Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand, pp 242-252.
Ass. Dip. of Engineering
  • Box Hill TAFE
  • |
  • 1997
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  • Majoring in both Electronics and Computer Systems streams.

    Awarded the "Dick Smith Prize" for "The best project work in Stage 1 of the Associate Diploma of Engineering (Electronics) course, having constructed a Power Supply Unit to a professional standard."
Advanced Certificate in Information Technology
Master of Science
Graduate Certificate in Training and Development
Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics
Graduate Certificate in eLearning
MicroMasters Program in Statistics and Data Science
Professional Certificate in Data Science

Our goal at is to help you discover the true power and beauty of mathematics and statistics. Maths and stats are not simply a set of boring repetitive exercises in a textbook, rather

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Our goal at is to help you discover the true power and beauty of mathematics and statistics. Maths and stats are not simply a set of boring repetitive exercises in a textbook, rather they are the very language that helps to describe our world and help us to predict the future. Without maths and stats, we would have no way to measure temperature and therefore no way to identify if it is getting warmer or colder. Without maths and stats, you wouldn�¢??t be reading this webpage either as there would be no way to reliably generate electricity or produce electronic devices.

Understanding and mastering maths and stats, like any language, is not an overnight process, rather it is a journey. Like any journey, there are times when you desperately need a guide to find the path while at other times the path is clear. Take the StatsGuru�?�® as your guide and along the journey you will hear stories from the development of maths and stats; stories of danger, heroism, intrigue, success and some monumental goofs.

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  • Maths
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Advanced Tertiary Maths
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