MAX LEWINGTON - Accredited Tutor

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Specialist Accredited Tutor | WA

Specialisation : Law

Accreditation No : AU1641609

Location : Scarborough, Western Australia


I have substantial experience as a lawyer and manager in the private and public sector legal fields. This includes supervising articled clerks, restricted practitioners and volunteers completing their legal placements. I enjoy teaching others about law and social justice and am patient with students having difficulties learning concepts and using the English language well. I charge $50 per hour (no GST applicable) to tutor one person and an additional $10 per hour per additional person in a session.

High School Certificate
Master of Arts in Jurisprudence

Australian Tutoring Association Member

Tutoring Subject:
  • Law
  • Legal Studies
Tutoring Services:
  • Will tutor one on one
  • Will tutor to small groups
  • Will provide online tutoring
  • Will travel locally to visit students
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Western Australia