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Michael Wheatley

Provisional Accredited Tutor

Provisional Accreditation No: AU1759968

Tutor with : Kip McGrath

Location : Salisbury North, South Australia

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The Salisbury/ Elizabeth Kip McGrath Education Centre opened in 1996 under the joint ownership of Mike and Lou Wheatley. Mike is the Director and is a qualified teacher with more than 30 years teaching experience in special needs, primary and secondary education. Mike is a teacher who has dedicated himself to helping all children to reach their full educational potential. In partnership with Kip McGrath, he and his fantastic team can help get your child back on track with learning and reach those â??potentialsâ?? through the development of his or her personal tuition designed for their future success.

The basic system in Kip McGrath was developed over many years by Kip and his wife Dagnija:
Step 1: Your child is given an obligation free assessment which will include -
a) Comprehension: does your child understand exactly what they are reading? In other words, we test them beyond deciphering skills.
b) Reading: these are the deciphering skills â?? taking a group of letters and creating the relevant sounds. Again for understanding.
c) Spelling: using an age appropriate test to ascertain the approximate year level that the childâ??s spelling skills produce.
d) Math: a â??level appropriate test to determine which skills need to be concentrated on for the child to maximize their potential.
Step 2: You will be given a free consultation which allows you to â??
a) Listen to the results.
b) Ask questions.
c) Discuss your options.
d) Decide what your next step will be.
Children are taught individually within a small group setting. Dedicated, experienced teachers work with a maximum of five students for English, and three for math. Each child works on their own individual programme, which is set to their specific needs, getting one-on-one assistance as they require it. We will teach basic skills in English and Maths at the level required by the child. Secondary students can also work in areas required for their individual school programmes. Experience shows us that children do not require one-on-one assistance all the time and as such, we encourage the development of independent learning.

The Salisbury Centre also caters for children who want to keep up and get ahead at school. Extension programmes and scholarship preparation can also be designed to cater for individual needs. We have also had enormous success working with students who have learning and attention difficulties. In addition to providing these students with Maths and English tuition, we encourage them to take ownership of their learning and behaviour and develop strategies to overcome challenges.

Kip McGrath Salisbury also offers on-line programmes for country students who do not have the ability to attend the Centre at Salisbury. The Kip McGrath organisations are among the largest and most successful in the world.

High School Certificate
Bachelor of Education
Diploma in Teaching
Master of Education
Kip McGrath

At Kip McGrath we offer a wide range of tutoring programs suited to Australian students. Some of the subjects we cover include Get Ready for School, maths, English, spelling, comprehension, essay writ

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At Kip McGrath we offer a wide range of tutoring programs suited to Australian students. Some of the subjects we cover include Get Ready for School, maths, English, spelling, comprehension, essay writing and preparation for high school exams for senior students. If your child is about to start school, or of primary or secondary school age and could use a little extra help, contact your local Kip McGrath Centre in Australia today to organise a free assessment.

At Kip McGrath we employ qualified teachers to ensure our tutors have the right experience to assist your child. Our tutors are passionate about helping students improve their results through tuition and are committed to this goal. The tutors enthusiastic approach helps to make sure your child enjoys their tutoring sessions at Kip McGrath.

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Tutoring Subject:
  • English
  • Reading Recovery
  • English Language (ESL)
  • Primary Literacy & English
  • Reading Special Needs
Tutoring Services:

Tutoring with Kip McGrath

  • Will tutor to small groups
  • Will provide online tutoring