Sandra Mancq - Accredited Tutor

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Sandra Mancq

Accredited Tutor | NSW

Accreditation No : AU2801332

Location : Riverstone, New South Wales


I am a trained and very experienced school teacher and I love to work with Primary school children, helping them to achieve their academic potential in a fun and encouraging environment in a designated area in my home in Riverstone in NW Sydney.

I have a passion for helping those who are struggling to develop skills and confidence. I also enjoy helping gifted children to develop a good work ethic - to strive rather than coast on minimal effort. Over the years I have also worked with many children with special needs. My ideal is that all students will love learning and never give up on themselves, developing a positive attitude and resilience.

I tutor every weekday afternoon/evening during school terms, but am open to school holiday lessons if the students are keen and we can find a time that suits us all. I provide true individualised tuition - one student per session, with an adaptable program developed to meet his/her needs. The most common request is for an hourly lesson each week. My fees are $60/hour.

High School Certificate
Bachelor of Arts with Diploma of Education

Australian Tutoring Association Member

Tutoring Subject:
  • Reading Recovery
  • Primary Literacy & English
  • Reading Special Needs
  • Primary Maths & Numeracy
Tutoring Services:
  • Will tutor one on one
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New South Wales