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Susan Galea

Provisional Specialist Accredited Tutor | NSW

Specialisation : Maths,Primary Maths & Numeracy,Calculus,Statistics

Provisional Accreditation No: AU2700084

Location : Unanderra, New South Wales

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As a specialist accredited maths tutor I provide my students with specialised content knowledge in mathematics up to grade 12. In addition, my teaching qualification allows me to explore different ways of teaching content to my students encouraging correct mathematical literacy and guidance in how to use technology effectively. Most of my students become independent learners by their 6th lesson.

Specialist Accredited Tutor: AU2700084

Working With Children Check: WWC1048339E

Expires: 24/06/2021

Australian Tutoring Association: 2018FFG5nis1517972467

High School Certificate
Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance
Master of Teaching Secondary

Australian Tutoring Association Member

Tutoring Subject:
  • Maths
  • Primary Maths & Numeracy
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
Tutoring Services:
  • Will tutor one on one
  • Will tutor to small groups
  • Will provide online tutoring
  • Will travel locally to visit students
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New South Wales