Tanya Chambers - Accredited Tutor

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Tanya Chambers

Accredited Tutor | VIC

Accreditation No : AU2814237

Tutor with : Dr Literacy

Location : Williamstown, Victoria


As the CEO of Dr Literacy I have over 20 years experience as an educator in the primary and secondary systems, and specialist training in supporting students with dyslexia and other learning challenges. I am particularly passionate about offering assistance to students who struggle with literacy, be that reading or writing. My company charges $80 an hour for our services. I personally design the programs and match clients to appropriate tutors. Our tutors are either trained educators or teaching students who share my passion for young people and learning. Our program is designed on best practise principles, and includes individualised learning plans, explicit teaching, multi sensory learning, a strong phonics component, the five keys to reading, writing extension and fun!

High School Certificate
Masters of Education
Diploma of Education
Bachelor of Science
Dr Literacy

Australian Tutoring Association Member

Tutoring Subject:
  • English
  • Reading Recovery
  • English Language (ESL)
  • Reading Special Needs
  • Primary Literacy & English
Tutoring Services:

Tutoring with Dr Literacy

  • Will tutor one on one
  • Will tutor to small groups
  • Will provide online tutoring
  • Will travel locally to visit students