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Tutor Name : Michael Michael
Accreditation No : AU1759968
Location : Salisbury North, South Australia (Online tutor)
Summary : The Salisbury/ Elizabeth Kip McGrath Education Centre opened in 1996 under the joint ownership of Mike and Lou Wheatley. Mike is the Director and is a qualified teacher with more than 30 years teaching experience in special needs, primary and secondary education. Mike is a teacher who has dedicated himself to helping all children to reach their full educational potential. In partnership with Kip McGrath, he and his fantastic team can help get your child back on track with learning and reach those â??potentialsâ?? through the development of his or her personal tuition designed for their future success.

The basic system in Kip McGrath was developed over many years by Kip and his wife Dagnija:
Step 1: Your child is given an obligation free assessment which will include -
a) Comprehension: does your child understand exactly what they are reading? In other words, we test them beyond deciphering skills.
b) Reading: these are the deciphering skills â?? taking a group of letters and creating the relevant sounds. Again for understanding.
c) Spelling: using an age appropriate test to ascertain the approximate year level that the childâ??s spelling skills produce.
d) Math: a â??level appropriate test to determine which skills need to be concentrated on for the child to maximize their potential.
Step 2: You will be given a free consultation which allows you to â??
a) Listen to the results.
b) Ask questions.
c) Discuss your options.
d) Decide what your next step will be.
Children are taught individually within a small group setting. Dedicated, experienced teachers work with a maximum of five students for English, and three for math. Each child works on their own individual programme, which is set to their specific needs, getting one-on-one assistance as they require it. We will teach basic skills in English and Maths at the level required by the child. Secondary students can also work in areas required for their individual school programmes. Experience shows us that children do not require one-on-one assistance all the time and as such, we encourage the development of independent learning.

The Salisbury Centre also caters for children who want to keep up and get ahead at school. Extension programmes and scholarship preparation can also be designed to cater for individual needs. We have also had enormous success working with students who have learning and attention difficulties. In addition to providing these students with Maths and English tuition, we encourage them to take ownership of their learning and behaviour and develop strategies to overcome challenges.

Kip McGrath Salisbury also offers on-line programmes for country students who do not have the ability to attend the Centre at Salisbury. The Kip McGrath organisations are among the largest and most successful in the world.

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Tutor Name : Marty Marty
Accreditation No : AU2508596
Location : Walkley Heights, South Australia
Summary : Hi. My name is Marty and I have been the owner of Computer Lessons @ Home (previously Mardette Computer Training) since 2006. My love of computers and a passion for training is what drives me. I thoroughly enjoy enhancing people’s lives by breaking down barriers to digital literacy.

Sometimes this means bringing people closer together by helping someone keep in touch with friends and family, be that via email or talking to them face-to-face using Skype. In other instances it means helping people into a new career path by teaching them exactly what they need to know, when they need to know it, in the comfort of their own home. Either way, I thrive on the ‘wow’ factor I hear from clients when they say “Hey, I can do this now!”

Sometimes technology can seem just too hard, and figuring out how it works is very empowering and satisfying. It can really help people in their everyday lives. Having the opportunity to use my skills to help people is a real privilege. I hope I can give you the knowledge you need to improve your life in a meaningful way.
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Tutor Name : Irene Irene
Accreditation No : AU1331968
Location : Woodville South , South Australia
Summary : I provide an innovative and specialised small group tutoring program for primary aged children that is designed to build confidence, motivate and guide young learners in reaching their full potential. I aim to tutor differently using the skills and strategies learnt over time as a classroom teacher.

I am a fully qualified and experienced primary school teacher that creates an environment in which children are able to gain confidence through a carefully constructed program tailored to their learning needs. I teach by encouraging children to learn collaboratively.

I provide a fun, hands on and inclusive experience in learning. I focus specifically on children's needs in Numeracy and Literacy. I have also created learning activities to cater for children with Dyslexia and other learning needs.

I am committed to developing learners who can confidently apply their knowledge and skills now and in the future.

I am an Educational Specialist who aims to meet your child's specific learning needs.

I charge $40 for 50 minutes.
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Tutor Name : Earvin Earvin
Accreditation No : AU9112690
Location : Port Augusta, South Australia (Online tutor)
Summary : Behavioural Statistics and Research are the focal point of the tutoring experience. The tutor’s knowledge with these 2 areas surely adds value towards one's learning goal. Aside from this, his expertise in learning intervention would become a vital part of the experience. Knowing how to assess learning challenges and being able to set goals towards learning will ensure long term maintenance and an effective transfer of learning.

Through experiential learning, the tutor will work hand in hand and as a mentor with you as you explore the value of your research and of your own work. The main aim of the tutor is to let you realise your own potential and being able to guide you in understanding what ‘good’ research means. The tutor fimrly believes that longer maintenance in learning is gained through one’s motivation, availability of skills and strategies, and understanding one’s own thinking.

(Strength and a good understanding in data analysis through SPSS.)
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Tutor Name : Jenny Jenny
Accreditation No : AU4838375
Location : Eden Hills, South Australia (Online tutor)
Summary : I have been a teacher all my working life and as such have a great passion for my chosen vocation.

Eight years ago I acquired the KipMcGrath Education centre at Morphett Vale where I take great pleasure in helping children ranging from grade 1 through to senior students achieve their full potential.

I use small group tuition (no more than 4 in a group) in an eighty minute session at a cost of $50 per session.

A free educational assessment is provided so that an individual tutoring program can be provided for your child.
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Tutor Name : Caroline Caroline
Accreditation No : AU1450720
Location : Naracoorte, South Australia
Summary : As a parent of a child who was a high achiever and a child with significant learning difficulties in a rural environment, I learnt the value of having services locally rather than in a capital city or major urban centre, hence my reason for opening the KL3 Centre. I do not see why children with learning difficulties, living in rural areas, should not be able to access the same services/ opportunities to assist their learning as their urban counterparts. Hence opening KL3 was to bring these remediation programs to the children. All students are encouraged to achieve their learning potential regardless off learning difficulties, being in the gifted and talented category or just wanting to improvement their self confidence in a particular subject such as Maths. 70% of our clients come to us through word of mouth advertising and are longer term clients.

I have a good working relationship with most of the schools in my area and receive referrals from them as well. I work with a local voluntary group who provides support for and does fundraising for (20 to date) children from low socio-economic backgrounds to complete a 12 week dyslexia course and break the cycle of illiteracy.

Why do I teach? I love it! I enjoy seeing children who have struggled, blossom, develop self-confidence and become motivated to learn and achieve their potential. For me every child with a learning difficulty who can be supported/assisted is one child that (hopefully) can avoid crime, drugs, gang behaviour, promiscuity etc. My philosophy for teaching can essentially be summarised in the following quotation (source unknown):

"To teach is to touch the lives of many and to help them learn life's lessons. But to teach WELL is to make a difference in all the lives you touch . To teach is to be a friend, confidant, leader, supporter and motivator. But to teach WELL is to be all those things, yet not lose sight of who you are. It is to believe in what and whom you teach."
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Tutor Name : Annie Annie
Accreditation No : AU1011156
Location : Glenelg South , South Australia
Summary : The Kip McGrath centre in Holdfast Bay has been owned and operated by Annie Harvey since early 2011. Annie has a primary school background and received her teaching qualifications at Flinders University. Prior to training as a primary teacher, she was an ESL teacher in Australia, the UK and Spain and lectured in literacy and numeracy at TAFE in South Australia and the University of Bath in the UK.

"Teaching children is my vocation and I am privileged to love what I do for a living. I am excited by the opportunity to make a tangible difference to children in my local community; I love what I call the 'light bulb moments' on children's faces when they grasp a new concept."

Annie firmly believes that all children have the right to an education and can reach their full potential provided that they are supported in their learning. This belief led her to the Kip McGrath education system, designed by trained and experienced educators.

Under the Kip McGrath system, children's needs are properly assessed and matched to individual programs that meet those needs. Annie, Mark and their team receive extensive and ongoing training in the system, which has been continuously developed over more than 30 years and now combines the latest interactive technology with manual activities to engage children and promote active learning.

KMEC Holdfast Bay is always at the cutting edge of the new technology developments and has piloted all of the new online management and teaching programs. The centre is one of the largest and most successful in Australia.
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Tutor Name : David David
Accreditation No : AU2967313
Location : Bridgewater, South Australia (Online tutor)
Summary : Chesslife is the dream of founder and Head Coach David Koetsier. David has been a professional chess coach of more than 20 years and leads his team of highly qualified and dedicated Chess Coaches to teach chess in Adelaide. Together they teach chess at schools, run chess tournaments, school holiday activities and have started local chess clubs.
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Tutor Name : Paul Paul
Accreditation No : AU2823547
Location : Port Lincoln, South Australia
Summary : I opened STEPS Tuition Centre in February 2015 prompted by the need I saw for students to have extra help outside of school. I have assisted students from Reception to year 12 in school for the last seventeen years as an Education Support Officer. Maths is my passion. I love to encourage and show students new and easier ways of doing things helping them improve in both their ability and confidence.
Maths groups start at $150 per term ( 10 3/4 hour sessions) and for one on one tuition I charge $40 an hour.
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Tutor Name : Sara Raffaela Sara Raffaela
Accreditation No : AU1611583
Location : Adelaide, South Australia
Summary : I am an Italian/Greek bilingual native speaker who loves keeping her heritage alive! Offered private lessons of Italian or Greek for all levels of difficulty. Special rate of $30 for most effective 90 minutes lesson. Lessons venue is Burnside Library - Burnside, Adelaide.

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Tutor Name : Lisa-anne Lisa-anne
Accreditation No : AU1524373
Location : somerton park, South Australia (Online tutor)
Summary : I have a passion for learning Asian languages and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. I am married with four adult children and over the last 6 years I have been tutoring their friends and peers in Japanese.I have an Advanced Diploma in Arts /Japanese language.I have also completed all required Japanese language subjects towards a Japanese degree through Adelaide University and UNE. My fees are $50 for 45mins or $65 for 60 mins.

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