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Tutor Name : Jason Jason
Accreditation No : AU9777241
Location : Buderim, Queensland
Summary : Aldon Tutoring Buderim is owned by Jason Copeland, who has been working in the Caloundra and Nambour Centres for over 5 years.

Jason and his family moved to the Sunshine Coast in 1993. He attended Buderim Mountain State school from years 3-6, then from years 8-12 studied at Matthew Flinders Anglican College. After spending six months working he flew over to UK and Europe to travel and visit family during his gap year.

At the start of 2004 he began his studies at the University of Queensland (St. Lucia). Throughout his university years he worked as club photographer for the University of Sunshine Coast Junior Rugby Union Club, at Manawee Garden Centre, The Chopping Block Café, Buderim Gardens Retirement Village and Aldon Tutoring Centres Buderim, Maroochydore, Dicky Beach and Nambour. Jason graduated at the end of 2011 with a BSc. (Mathematics, Physics) and a BEdu. (Sec. Mathematics, Physics, Science).

Since then he has been working for Aldon, and as a relief teacher for Immanuel Lutheran College and Buderim Mountain State School teaching grades 1 - 12. He has also taught Mathematics and Science out West at Longreach State High School.

Jason brings his passion for teaching and love of learning together into an educational setting that enables him to give students a personalised, individual learning experience that can easily be lost in the school setting.

Aldon Tutoring Centres: Buderim offers primary literacy and numeracy education as well as subject specific tutoring for secondary school students.
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Tutor Name : Tahnee Tahnee
Accreditation No : AU1614281
Location : Croydon, Victoria
Summary : Tahnee works alongside her colleagues at Montus Tutoring to provide individual learning programs for our students. Our philosophy is "brighter minds, better opportunities," and we have proven this again and again over the past 9 years as we have worked with Primary and Secondary students in all subject areas in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. We offer a FREE assessment with one of our Managers, and all of our tuition is conducted in your home for your ease and comfort. Contact us today to discuss your child with one of our experienced tutors on 9737 1009.
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Tutor Name : Jak Jak
Accreditation No : AU2552992
Location : Wembley , Western Australia (Online tutor)
Summary : At MMS Learning we approach education differently to other tutoring companies. Our tutors don't focus on a quick fix study method to get you through an exam or assignment but rather support students throught their studies and maximise their academic potential. This is a more effective method and gives the students maximum improvement in the long run. Each student has a different way of learning so they receive a personalized learning strategy from our dedicated tutors. We teach students more than the coursework; we provide them with tips to improve organisation, study methods, revison and motivation which in turn makes there learning easier and builds confidence for ANY assessment. At MMS Learning our goal is not to help students "get through" their education; we want them to have the confidence they will always do well on their assessments so they can focus on furthering their education and stress less. We know each and every student has the potential to succeed with the right support and development around them.
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Tutor Name : Parminder Parminder
Accreditation No : AU1077958
Location : Baulkham Hills, New South Wales
Summary : I am a qualified High School Teacher over 10 years of experience after completing a Master of Education, Master of English, Bachelor of Education & Bachelor of Food Science & Technology. Currently, working as Casual English Teacher in a High School. Since, I always desired about working with children &/or assisting individual students to improve the level of knowledge in education. Hence, got myself involved with tutoring services provided with an interactive Australian program designed for each individual student. I truly believe the foundation of children education is important as root of the tree. My philosophy is, "to educate well is an asset for life".

I charge $35-45 per hour, based on the level.
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Tutor Name : archie archie
Accreditation No : AU6861999
Location : Carramar, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : Budget Star Tuition Services Australia provides quality tuition services at affordable and discounted prices for students in the K-12 year range. We also provide tuition and assignment help for vocational and university students at competitive and discounted prices. I have worked as a tutor and teacher for over 15 years in Sydney covering general reading, writing and humanities subjects (commerce, business,geography,economics,accounting etc) for years K-12 and tertiary subjects in the areas of accounting and business. My method of tuition is based on the evaluation and identification of individual strengths and weaknesses that each student possesses. I then focus on building the strengths and remedying the weaknesses. This methodological approach is based on what the student and parents want to achieve and how much time they are prepared to allocate. The main objective is to encourage students of all ages to learn with confidence.
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Tutor Name : Craig Craig
Accreditation No : AU2589734
Location : Perth, Western Australia
Summary : Welcome to A1 Learning Academy. As an introduction we would like to introduce our key personnel. .

Craig Monaghan (M.Ed; B.Sc; BPhEd, Dip. Teach) is a vastly experienced teacher and previous Maths, Science and primary tutor. He is an experienced Head of School, having led some of the worlds best renowned international school´s and has worked with many different curriculums worldwide and leading 4 schools in the process. He has experience in significant consultancy work and through this has assisted teachers, schools and school leadership teams to school improvement.

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