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Tutor Name : Matthew Matthew
Accreditation No : AU4008048
Location : Mill Park, Victoria (Online tutor)
Summary : With over 10 years experience teaching undergraduates, post-graduates, teachers and academics at various tertiary institutions, I have been privileged to support with some outstanding people on their learning journeys. I have also had the opportunity to help both teachers and students realise the vast amount of mathematics and statistics that one encounters in everyday life, outside the classroom.

After more than a decade working for Monash, La Trobe and RMIT universities, having won awards for teaching excellence and having worked with academics from other Australian and international tertiary institutions, it was time to start the next challenge in my life. In late 2011, I embraced the opportunity to further pursue my passion for teaching and writing about mathematics and statistics through self-employment.

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Tutor Name : Robbie Robbie
Accreditation No : AU1137491
Location : Kogarah Bay, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : The Maths Doctor is a highly experienced and qualified Head of Mathematics teacher with more than 20 years of teaching, mentoring and coaching students from all walks of life. We cater for students who are struggling to keep up by providing remedial work and those bursting to race ahead our Maths tutoring promises to boost their education and confidence.

YES!!! the Maths Doctor is a real teacher and the results speak for themselves.

The Maths Doctor stimulates and engages students to develops their skills, confidence and understanding in order to apply concepts to problem solving from Primary to High School succesfully. Learning and understanding is paramount as the Maths Doctor is RESULTS DRIVEN. All mathematics subjects taught include Primary, Secondary and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs.
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Tutor Name : Sherene Sherene
Accreditation No : AU2130771
Location : Berwick, Victoria (Online tutor)
Summary : Having taught primary, secondary and tertiary education for the last 22 years, I have an understanding of the areas of misconception and difficulties students face in mathematics. I tutor because I feel empathetic towards students struggling with learning and am motivated to alleviate their distress. Understanding of their learning styles helps in empowering my students become independent learners. My teaching focuses on the fact that Math is easy to understand and learn. My passion for the subject helps in enabling my students to like and appreciate mathematics.
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Tutor Name : Ekta Ekta
Accreditation No : AU2521677
Location : Macleod, Victoria (Online tutor)
Summary : At Kip McGrath Watsonia we offer a wide range of tutoring programs suited to Students from prep to year 12. Some of the subjects we cover include - Get Ready for School, Mathematics, English, spelling, comprehension, essay writing and preparation for VCE for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. If your child is about to start school, or of primary or secondary school age and could use a little extra help, contact Kip McGrath Education Centre Watsonia today to organise a free assessment.
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Tutor Name : Tahnee Tahnee
Accreditation No : AU1614281
Location : Croydon, Victoria
Summary : Tahnee works alongside her colleagues at Montus Tutoring to provide individual learning programs for our students. Our philosophy is "brighter minds, better opportunities," and we have proven this again and again over the past 9 years as we have worked with Primary and Secondary students in all subject areas in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. We offer a FREE assessment with one of our Managers, and all of our tuition is conducted in your home for your ease and comfort. Contact us today to discuss your child with one of our experienced tutors on 9737 1009.
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Tutor Name : Kevin Kevin
Accreditation No : AU2539195
Location : FAIRFIELD, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : 5 Star Education Academy is established to make a difference in the delivering of tutoring service. We place great emphasis on small class size (no more than 8 students per class), encouraging maximum interaction between teachers, tutors and students and ensuring that a great deal of work is performed at the Academy. Students' ability in each subject will be tested before their placement into a class with other students that have comparable level of proficiency in the subject taught. First lesson of any group class is free.
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Tutor Name : David David
Accreditation No : AU5987626
Location : Hillside, Victoria (Online tutor)
Summary : I am an ex IT developer, business analyst, astronautical engineer (in the US Air Force) with math teaching experience in universities and secondary schools. With all this experience, I found teaching the most enjoyable and would like to help you discover the math concepts you need.
I will tutor individuals or groups and can teach at home or in the Melbourne area. I will tutor secondary or tertiary maths. I charge $50/hour but we can negotiate.
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Tutor Name : Samantha Samantha
Accreditation No : AU2466722
Location : Varsity Lakes, Queensland (Online tutor)
Summary : Creating a love for learning is very powerful, and I believe that developing a deep understanding of the subjects we learn is key. My goal in life is to spread my passion for learning, helping students build their confidence and maximise their potential for success in all areas of life.

Over the past 4 years, I have worked for A Team Tuition and tutored across all areas up to year 10, specialising in mathematics for years 11 and 12 as well as some tertiary mathematics subjects. Prior to this, I tutored mathematics privately to both high school and tertiary students.
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Tutor Name : Amit Amit
Accreditation No : AU1409763
Location : Macleod, Victoria (Online tutor)
Summary : I am a qualified and experienced Full time teacher. I would like to help students who lag behind in their Numeracy and literacy skills and cannot catch up in Class. We offer a FREE assessment to determine which areas can we help the student in. We then design an individual lesson plan which helps develop a strong academic foundation.
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Tutor Name : Chin Chin
Accreditation No : AU2221587
Location : Epping, New South Wales
Summary : Mathematics tutor for primary to HSC level
3U and 4U welcome
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Tutor Name : Harry Harry
Accreditation No : AU8998335
Location : Maroubra, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : First Education offers One on One K to 12 Tuition in Maths, English, and all major subjects… with a difference!

With an incredible focus on learning with passion, confidence and hard work, the tutors at First Education lay a positive foundation from the very beginning, without which it is near impossible to learn effectively.

Subsequently, with a structured and rigorous system involving the identification of a student’s strengths and weaknesses, it is possible to give each student the right nudge to achieving better marks.

In this way the gap between every student’s current mark and 100% is slowly closed, so that they can truly come … first!
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Tutor Name : Benjamin Benjamin
Accreditation No : AU2526514
Location : Aveley, Western Australia (Online tutor)
Summary : School Assist offers individualised, needs-based tutoring at all levels facilitated by qualified, practicing teachers. We pride ourselves on fostering confidence and self belief among learning areas that are initially difficult, and work closely with students, parents and educational facilities to maximise student progress and results.
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Tutor Name : Daniella Daniella
Accreditation No : AU2216271
Location : West Footscray, Victoria
Summary : Therapy & Learning Centre Melbourne is a specialised tutoring centre in which highly experienced, registered teachers and speech pathologists work to create individualised learning experiences tailored to each student's specific needs.

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