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Tutor Name : Tahnee Tahnee
Accreditation No : AU1614281
Location : Croydon, Victoria
Summary : Tahnee works alongside her colleagues at Montus Tutoring to provide individual learning programs for our students. Our philosophy is "brighter minds, better opportunities," and we have proven this again and again over the past 9 years as we have worked with Primary and Secondary students in all subject areas in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. We offer a FREE assessment with one of our Managers, and all of our tuition is conducted in your home for your ease and comfort. Contact us today to discuss your child with one of our experienced tutors on 9737 1009.
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Tutor Name : Shiau Ling Shiau Ling
Accreditation No : AU2990657
Location : Beaumont Hills, New South Wales
Summary : With a Graphic Design background & experience, I am now conducting private art classes in Beaumont Hills NSW. Classes are suitable for children from age 3 to 12.

I specialise in the following topics:-
-> Drawing techniques: shapes, lines, compositions, illustrations, etc
-> Coloring concepts / techniques using oil pastels
-> Art projects eg. canvas, clay, crafts

I am fluent in multi-languages i.e English, Mandarin & Cantonese.
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Tutor Name : Dominnic Dominnic
Accreditation No : AU2377967
Location : Pullenvale, Queensland (Online tutor)
Summary : My name is Domi, I am a 23-year-old UQ graduate with a Bachelor of Business Management majoring in sustainability.

I am sure you are wondering why that has led me to create a tutoring business.
I have been a student for longer than most people, it took me 6 years to complete my undergraduate degree so I know the struggle of learning new concepts. During my time I have developed many different approaches to study that I would love to share with you. I am not the type of tutor who has endless knowledge or perfect grades; however, I am the tutor who knows the value of developing problem-solving skills and persevering with challenges.

I always believe that everyone has to start somewhere. No matter what you do, art, academics or personal pursuits, time and dedicated practice is the only way to improve.

This is why my classes are student-led. I will assist you to revise notes, expand your knowledge, plan assignments and problem solve those hard to understand questions, all at your own pace. I will never ‘give the answer’ but will work with you to find out the solutions together.

Sometimes we all just need a little more time or a different approach to become experts in something new.
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Tutor Name : Donna Donna
Accreditation No : AU1045068
Location : Coffs Harbour, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : Konnichiwa, my name is Donna sensei and I love tutoring and mentoring anyone, who is studying anything at any level. I am a bi-lingual, multi-strand tutor with more than 30 years experience across 38 subjects to date. Please don't hestitate to ask about your particular unit or subject, even if it is not on the list..

As an Allied Health Specialist Educator, I enjoy helping with accademic, social, emotional & physical skills from early intervention, primary through to Masters & PhD levels. One of my passions is to teach Japanese & English as second languages for school, uni, travel or business. As an qualifed Teacher's Aid and Adult Trainer, I also enjoy using second languages, music, creative writing & art as alternative learning strategies for people with disabilities & mental/emtional health concerns. I also have experience with learning difficalutlies, such as dylexia, Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, as well as home schooling & specialised education for refugees, migrants and international students.

I charge $50/hr for face to face sessions (including Skype)

Dozo yoroshiku, ne.. thanks!
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Tutor Name : Elizabeth Elizabeth
Accreditation No : AU3303658
Location : Kew, Victoria (Online tutor)
Summary : My great passion is art - making art, thinking about art and helping others to think about the art they make. At Folio Focus in North Melbourne I offer VCE students the time, space and guidance in all things Folio. The beginning years of one's creative journey are critical and having the right guidance can make all the difference.
I gained my Bachelors Degree from Sydney College of the Arts, specialising in photography and print making and then went on to gain my Masters in Visual Arts from the University of Sydney, majoring in performance, sculpture, installation and photography. My work, in collaboration with Judith Lodwick (known as LodwickCampbell) has been collected by the National Gallery of Melbourne, and sits happily in several international collections. The curriculum I have devised is closely aligned with the VCE criteria. And fun. I offer 9am to 9pm access and within that, private tuition at $100 per hour.
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Tutor Name : Vicki Vicki
Accreditation No : AU3240388
Location : Varsity Lakes, Queensland
Summary : Vicki is a qualified teacher, counsellor and art therapist. She is passionate about helping children achieve to their full potential, emotionally, socially and academically.

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