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Tutor Name : Tahnee Tahnee
Accreditation No : AU1614281
Location : Croydon, Victoria
Summary : Tahnee works alongside her colleagues at Montus Tutoring to provide individual learning programs for our students. Our philosophy is "brighter minds, better opportunities," and we have proven this again and again over the past 9 years as we have worked with Primary and Secondary students in all subject areas in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. We offer a FREE assessment with one of our Managers, and all of our tuition is conducted in your home for your ease and comfort. Contact us today to discuss your child with one of our experienced tutors on 9737 1009.
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Tutor Name : Shiau Ling Shiau Ling
Accreditation No : AU2990657
Location : Beaumont Hills, New South Wales
Summary : With a Graphic Design background & experience, I am now conducting private art classes in Beaumont Hills NSW. Classes are suitable for children from age 3 to 12.

I specialise in the following topics:-
-> Drawing techniques: shapes, lines, compositions, illustrations, etc
-> Coloring concepts / techniques using oil pastels
-> Art projects eg. canvas, clay, crafts

I am fluent in multi-languages i.e English, Mandarin & Cantonese.
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Tutor Name : Samantha Samantha
Accreditation No : AU2466722
Location : Varsity Lakes, Queensland (Online tutor)
Summary : Creating a love for learning is very powerful, and I believe that developing a deep understanding of the subjects we learn is key. My goal in life is to spread my passion for learning, helping students build their confidence and maximise their potential for success in all areas of life.

Over the past 4 years, I have worked for A Team Tuition and tutored across all areas up to year 10, specialising in mathematics for years 11 and 12 as well as some tertiary mathematics subjects. Prior to this, I tutored mathematics privately to both high school and tertiary students.
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Tutor Name : Sarah Sarah
Accreditation No : AU1342676
Location : Bourkelands , New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : I am a qualified teacher with a decade of experiences in my belt. I found a love of teaching when I was travelling in Europe. It enabled a lifestyle that suited me, and I was able to gift young people with a love of learning and sense of adventure. Now as a Mother of three, my goal at Love2Learn, is to teach children a lifelong love for learning and education that is unique and different to what they gain from inside the classroom. This will be achieved in small groups or one on one sessions tailored to suit the needs of the students, where they will have opportunities to grow, develop and shine, outside the box.

All sessions will run for 50mins to allow pack up and readiness for the next session.

Group sessions will be $40/student with a maximum of 5 students in a session.

One on one sessions will be $70/student.
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Tutor Name : Susan Susan
Accreditation No : AU1202678
Location : Wurtulla, Queensland
Summary : Creativity and colour.
Line and shade.
Students will use their imaginations to explore line, colour, shape and tone.
Students will build skill sets in the mediums of drawing, painting, collage, textiles and sculpture.
My name is Susan Buchanan.
I trained at Queensland College of Art. My degree major being in illustration. I have been teaching in Queensland schools for the past 20 years and also offer private and small class tuition in the Visual Arts for primary, secondary and adult students.
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Tutor Name : Dr Rannah Dr Rannah
Accreditation No : AU6655967
Location : Melbourne, Victoria
Summary : I have been teaching for over 25 years with experience in education as a teacher, school Principal and academic; my teaching experience spans Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary programs. I am a highly experienced, passionate and dedicated educator.

With a degree in Teaching, a Bachelor of Business (BIS), Masters of Education, and Doctor of Education I have taught at RMIT University, and The University of Melbourne where I held both a teaching and leadership role in the Master of Teaching.

I have also presented at international education conferences and published a number of educational papers.

Our Learning Centre is child focused, caring and friendly. Our focus is 'targeted teaching'. We look for what learners can do - then work from there to build their knowledge and skills - we work from a growth perspective.

We offer a range of programs and tuition services. Visit us at: to learn more about how we can help you or your child.
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Tutor Name : Leah Leah
Accreditation No : AU2915930
Location : Macleay Island, Queensland (Online tutor)
Summary : I'm a teacher from Macleay Island which is a mini subtropical paradise off the east coast of Australia. I am a visual artist, festival coordinator and children's yoga/dance/movement instructor but my real passion is for promoting positive, authentic relationships with both natural and modern technologies through combining permaculture principles, STEAM Education and Design Thinking.

I am currently undertaking Masters level Post Graduate study majoring in Inclusive Education while developing and running an enrichment program with a group of mixed-age home education students. We use an Australian made bell tent we call the “Green Bunya” as a mobile classroom moving from week to week to a different natural location on the island and guide our thematic learning based on The Pacific Village's traditional "Five Sacred Pathways" developed on neighbouring Stradbroke Island.

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