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Tutor Name : Joanne Joanne
Accreditation No : AU1301334
Location : Bundeena, New South Wales
Summary : My husband Claude and I are both Secondary Teachers with 40 years teaching experience between us. We own and operate Parallel Learning Centre in Bundeena and it is in it's 8th year of operation. My goal is to provide for the individual educational needs of the students that I tutor in a positive and caring environment.As a former Maths teacher I am passionate about developing confident Mathematics students beginning at the Primary School level. We offer small group and private tuition in a range of subject areas including Literacy, Maths and Science, for Primary and Secondary students with fees ranging from $22 to $55 per hour.
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Tutor Name : Rachael Rachael
Accreditation No : AU9686244
Location : Wagga Wagga, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : I am a qualified educator with over twenty years experience in primary, secondary and tertiary education. I have worked in both government and non-government schools, in addition to universities, holding many executive positions and being awarded for teaching excellence. Previously, I have been involved with the Department of Education and Training, Office of the Board of Studies and the Association for Independent Schools. During these partnerships I focused on curriculum design, development and delivery. Over the past twenty years I have been a member of HSC examination committees and continue to write HSC, Preliminary and Year 10 examinations in a range of subject areas.

I am the co-author of four successful Secondary textbooks and am passionate about every student having access to quality learning and resources to support the learning process. Deep learning takes place when the unique capabilities and talents of each individual student is recognised. I develop learning programs based on this so that learning is maximised at each stage and in all subject areas.

As the Director of Advanced Learning Centre, I lead a team of equally passionate and experienced educators, with a commitment to engaging each and every student who comes through our door. We aim to empower young minds.

Located in Wagga Wagga, we proudly offer tuition services for children of all age groups. Through our specialised programs and services in either an individual or small group setting, we can help your child achieve academic success, whatever that may be.

Additionally, we provide our service throughout Australia via our successful online tutoring service, and are excited to now be offering a fun, interactive and integrated curriculum designed to increase self-esteem, decrease stress and anxiety, and develop practical solutions to daily living.

Our passion is to empower each student to achieve their full potential and we look forward to welcoming you to Advanced Learning Centre soon.
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Tutor Name : Craig Craig
Accreditation No : AU2589734
Location : Perth, Western Australia
Summary : Welcome to A1 Learning Academy. As an introduction we would like to introduce our key personnel. .

Craig Monaghan (M.Ed; B.Sc; BPhEd, Dip. Teach) is a vastly experienced teacher and previous Maths, Science and primary tutor. He is an experienced Head of School, having led some of the worlds best renowned international school´s and has worked with many different curriculums worldwide and leading 4 schools in the process. He has experience in significant consultancy work and through this has assisted teachers, schools and school leadership teams to school improvement.
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Tutor Name : Garry Garry
Accreditation No : AU2116167
Location : Eastwood, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : Creator Academy teaches a range of courses in Sydney designed to build STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), multimedia and communication skills in children from 5 to 15 years old.
Courses encompass robotics, science and computer skills.

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