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Tutor Name : Alan Alan
Accreditation No : AU9278102
Location : Kogarah, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : My name is Alan Okina. You can just call me, Okina (Weng in Japanese). To this day, the language and culture of Japan continues to deeply influence me. I wish to teach and share this wonderful language and culture with everyone. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.

Service is now fully online.

For more details, please see the website & blog below:
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Tutor Name : Kevin Kevin
Accreditation No : AU2539195
Location : FAIRFIELD, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : 5 Star Education Academy is established to make a difference in the delivering of tutoring service. We place great emphasis on small class size (no more than 8 students per class), encouraging maximum interaction between teachers, tutors and students and ensuring that a great deal of work is performed at the Academy. Students' ability in each subject will be tested before their placement into a class with other students that have comparable level of proficiency in the subject taught. First lesson of any group class is free.
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Tutor Name : Jason Jason
Accreditation No : AU2754925
Location : Swinger Hill, Australian Capital Territory
Summary : I have been tutoring since 2007 and I motivate students to achieve their best by treating each student as an individual. A holistic approach based on developing and maintaining a student's confidence is key to my tutoring success.
Each student has an Individual Learning Programme tailored to suit their learning needs. Standardised testing is used in order to make students and parents aware of the progress their child is making.
I am very dedicated to teaching and maintain a very high level of professionalism in all that I do.
At this stage I am concentrating on the educational needs of Primary School Students only.
I will travel to your house for the tutoring session so that your child is comfortable, relaxed and eager to learn. I also liaise with parents after each session so that my teaching and the student's learning is transparent to all parties.
My life motto is to encourage students to achieve their best in all that they do.
I charge $60.00 per hour.
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Tutor Name : Joanna Joanna
Accreditation No : AU2373115
Location : Harrison,
Summary : To provide students with high quality tuition such that they may regain confidence in their school work and view education as a challenging and fun experience in which they can excel.

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