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Tutor Name : Denise Denise
Accreditation No : AU2115734
Location : Sydney, New South Wales
Summary : I am an Educator with over 15 years of experience in the field. I’ve had the opportunity to exercise my profession in different countries, such as: Brazil, United States, Mozambique, South Africa, Denmark and now Australia.
Over this time I’ve added to my Education qualification the Art-Therapy one that helped to create a unique style to tutor and support students based on self-development and community integration.
My experience has taught me that Education itself may mean different things in different countries, but that the properties of Educator’s most precious resource – students – are alike everywhere. It also showed me that reinforcing students qualities and working on students' weaknesses to turn them into strengths actually means give students the transformative tool that help them to do well in school and in life.
Currently, apart from being a Portuguese and Culture tutor, I also support children who are English second language speakers to integrate their school environment, using artistry methodologies to build to a smooth transition from home environment. The subjects are namely different, and so I teach: WORDS, NUMBERS, THE WORLD, SCIENCE, BODY, FEELINGS, REAL LIFE and FRIENDS.
The work done looks at students as a whole and the application of subjects is so that the observation, assessment and development of students and programs are facilitated.
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Tutor Name : Barry Barry
Accreditation No : AU1732405
Location : Blackburn, Victoria (Online tutor)
Summary : I am a qualified Orton-Gillingham mutlisensory language therapist who has operated my own business serving students with language and maths difficulties for over six years. Originally, I worked for eight years as a primary and Junior High classroom teacher in Canada, then made the transition to teaching students with learning differences in Australia. Since gaining specialised training in teaching literacy to dyslexic students, I have become passionate about teaching reading, writing, and spelling to students in need of assistance, who need a different way of teaching and learning! The changes I’ve seen for students in language led me to upgrade my instructional skills in maths as well. I reflected on my own learning and realised I could have learned maths better. I simply needed to learn more actively and hands on. Now I provide thorough, active, hands-on instruction in maths for students who learn differently. It has been a privilege to work with the students I have taught, and see how much they’ve grown.

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