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Tutor Name : Joanne Joanne
Accreditation No : AU1301334
Location : Bundeena, New South Wales
Summary : My husband Claude and I are both Secondary Teachers with 40 years teaching experience between us. We own and operate Parallel Learning Centre in Bundeena and it is in it's 8th year of operation. My goal is to provide for the individual educational needs of the students that I tutor in a positive and caring environment.As a former Maths teacher I am passionate about developing confident Mathematics students beginning at the Primary School level. We offer small group and private tuition in a range of subject areas including Literacy, Maths and Science, for Primary and Secondary students with fees ranging from $22 to $55 per hour.
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Tutor Name : Nerissa Nerissa
Accreditation No : AU2930816
Location : Gordonvale, Queensland (Online tutor)
Summary : As the Principal of A2Z Learning Centre Queensland, based in Gordonvale between Cairns and Babinda, I enjoy tutoring both primary and secondary students in a variety of subjects to assist parents in getting the most out of their child's education.

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