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Tutor Name : joseph joseph
Accreditation No : AU2699471
Location : Croydon Park, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : My name is Mr. Kolega and I operate CROYDON PARK TUTORING from Year 7-12.

I specialise in teaching students all CURRENT modules studied in English, at school. This includes the provision of resources, preparing students to achieve their maximum in assessment tasks and examinations. A heavy emphasis is placed on research and essay writing as this will markedly improve results in all written subjects.

The instruction of Mathematics is also provided here, with the focus on current modules studied at school, as I have employed a fully qualified and experienced Maths teacher.

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Tutor Name : Rebecca Rebecca
Accreditation No : AU4486489
Location : Newcastle, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : My name is Bec and I have been tutoring Preschool to year 12 students for seven years across a variety of subject areas, with particular focus on English, mathematics and study skills. I am available to tutor from various locations in the Newcastle area including my home, student homes, and online. Feel free to contact me for further information.
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Tutor Name : Emal Emal
Accreditation No : AU1724718
Location : AUBURN, New South Wales
Summary : My greatest passion in life is teaching. I was born and raised in Sydney, and experienced great success at school and at university due to amazing and unforgettable teachers. This is the foundation of my commitment to helping out my students, whatever their abilities may be. Currently, I am studying a masters degree specializing in teaching elementary students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, rounding out my undergraduate background in secondary education. I have been tutoring and teaching for 8 years in various settings – tutoring small and large groups, private individual tutoring, and teaching in rural, suburban, and urban classroom and home settings.
I charge $30 per hour, at any school level.
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Tutor Name : Eloise Eloise
Accreditation No : AU1280300
Location : Perth, Western Australia (Online tutor)
Summary : I am an experienced teacher of 35 years.
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Tutor Name : Matthew Matthew
Accreditation No : AU1248048
Location : Greenbank, Queensland (Online tutor)

I have a deep passion for making real differences in the lives of my students and their learning journey through laser-focused instruction, my watchful eye and customised expertise to benefit students directly and witness their sparks of comprehension; equipping them with critical study skills to become independent lovers of learning.

I've always been a dedicated learner and was so influenced by those truly inspiring teachers and mentors through school and university that I have been driven to use all my valuable experience and wisdom to more deeply benefit those in our community and help realise their potential. I did this by taking up the teaching mantle and becoming the founder of StarSeed Tutoring.

Unlike most tutors, I am currently dedicated as a full-time "all-purpose" tutor, academic coach, educational consultant, and career & industry mentor. I have been involved with tutoring and mentoring programs intermittently for 6 years in various settings – tutoring small and large groups in peer-assisted study sessions (PASS) at university, private individual tutoring, and teaching in home settings.

You can check out my University Tutor and True Local profile pages using the following links:


* First Class Honours in Law for coursework and thesis titled: “Braving Our (Post)Human Future: Emerging Critical Posthumanism in Huxley’s 'Brave New World'” | 2013
* Alison & John Kearney Scholarship in International Law | 2012
* Griffith Awards for Academic Excellence | 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
* Griffith Law School Deans’ List | 2010, 2011, 2012
* Scholarship to Summer Transnational Law Program Conference in Utrecht, The Netherlands | 2011
* Scholarships to Global Leadership Programs in Prague and Rome | 2010, 2011
* Scholarship to Golden Key International Honours Society Leadership Summit in Arizona, USA | 2010

Interesting Facts:

- I'm a fully-qualified and admitted solicitor in the Supreme Court of Queensland and practised law for a number of years;

- I was born and raised in Brisbane with a Greek and Italian background and family that lived in regional outback Queensland towns;

- My years of academic excellence were recognised when I was offered exclusive membership in the Griffith Honours College and Golden Key International Honour Society;

- I’ve had multiple invaluable opportunities to study overseas in exchange programs, including: the Ruhr Valley Business Internship at Duisburg-Essen University in Germany, studying at Florida State University College of Law, and two Global Leadership Programs at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic and at St. John's University in Rome, Italy. These experiences also gave me the opportunity to travel extensively to over 33 countries all during my studies; and

- I have a deep passion for travelling and immersing myself in all kinds of cultural experiences and love swimming, jogging, mountain hiking and nature walks, ethnobotany and permaculture herbal gardening, learning a new language (Spanish), and studying and writing in philosophy, the ancient wisdom and esoteric traditions, world mythologies and folklore, and consciousness studies.


My hourly rate is from $35/hr, depending on the year level, subject(s) tutored and required travel distance (if applicable).

I offer a FREE initial in-home consultation so book NOW!

Ask about DISCOUNTS on offer for the first session, group and online sessions, multiple bookings and for referring-a-friend.
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Accreditation No : AU1939391
Location : Kew, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : Hi. My name is Glenda Cooper, founder and facilitator of Hearts ‘n Minds Learning. I have been involved for many years with children, teens and adults with learning difficulties,ASD and intellectual disabilities.I am a fully qualified and committed teacher with over 40 years’ experience and expertise in the areas of primary, secondary, Yrs K-12 learning difficulties, special education, ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) and adult education (Literacy and Numeracy) My passion is to help people, no matter their age, reach their full potential in life.
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Tutor Name : Dominnic Dominnic
Accreditation No : AU2377967
Location : Pullenvale, Queensland (Online tutor)
Summary : My name is Domi, I am a 23-year-old UQ graduate with a Bachelor of Business Management majoring in sustainability.

I am sure you are wondering why that has led me to create a tutoring business.
I have been a student for longer than most people, it took me 6 years to complete my undergraduate degree so I know the struggle of learning new concepts. During my time I have developed many different approaches to study that I would love to share with you. I am not the type of tutor who has endless knowledge or perfect grades; however, I am the tutor who knows the value of developing problem-solving skills and persevering with challenges.

I always believe that everyone has to start somewhere. No matter what you do, art, academics or personal pursuits, time and dedicated practice is the only way to improve.

This is why my classes are student-led. I will assist you to revise notes, expand your knowledge, plan assignments and problem solve those hard to understand questions, all at your own pace. I will never ‘give the answer’ but will work with you to find out the solutions together.

Sometimes we all just need a little more time or a different approach to become experts in something new.
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Tutor Name : Stephen Stephen
Accreditation No : AU2213456
Location : Wallsend, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : I am a trained and experienced teacher of Careers, English, History, Japanese and Religion. In addition to teaching the above, I coach martial arts and teach Japanese culture. I also do career consultancy. Our business can provide access to native Japanese speaking staff also. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Tutor Name : Judy Judy
Accreditation No : AU4874642
Location : Salamander Bay, New South Wales
Summary : With over 12 years of running tutoring centres, initially through a franchise group and now as an independent centre, I have fine -tuned my programs to meet the goals and objectives of my students using quality programs and resources. Each child is assessed before having an individual program constructed for them, focusing on their greatest area of need. The programs are highly flexible and adapted to include school topics and assessment tasks if needed using only fully qualified teachers who are experts at programming. This provides the best possible outcomes for your child in the shortest timeframe.

Parents and students come to my Centre seeking help and I offer solutions. Often the child has little confidence in their abilities and low self-esteem. With a great deal of attention to programming, these students can succeed, but what is more important is changing their attitudes from a "can't do" one to a "can do." Once a child has a belief in their own abilities it's like a door opening, a mathematical concept will suddenly click, or the ability to blend consonant or vowel sounds finally makes sense. A sprinkling of humour, a strong focus on quality resources, has enabled me to change the lives of many students, and provided me with the most rewarding career of my life.
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Tutor Name : David David
Accreditation No : AU5428031
Location : Frankston South, Victoria (Online tutor)
Summary : Teacher of some 40 years experience in Victoria and Tasmania at Primary, Secondary and TAFE insitutions involving co-educational and single sex (boys and girls) settings. Deep love of languages and literature. Keen to assist anyone in need of assistance in Language or Humanities Studies. In recent years I have tutored students from Yr 10 to VCE levels and I have found this a very rewarding experience.
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Tutor Name : Harry Harry
Accreditation No : AU8998335
Location : Maroubra, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : First Education offers One on One K to 12 Tuition in Maths, English, and all major subjects… with a difference!

With an incredible focus on learning with passion, confidence and hard work, the tutors at First Education lay a positive foundation from the very beginning, without which it is near impossible to learn effectively.

Subsequently, with a structured and rigorous system involving the identification of a student’s strengths and weaknesses, it is possible to give each student the right nudge to achieving better marks.

In this way the gap between every student’s current mark and 100% is slowly closed, so that they can truly come … first!
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Tutor Name : Donna Donna
Accreditation No : AU1045068
Location : Coffs Harbour, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : Konnichiwa, my name is Donna sensei and I love tutoring and mentoring anyone, who is studying anything at any level. I am a bi-lingual, multi-strand tutor with more than 30 years experience across 38 subjects to date. Please don't hestitate to ask about your particular unit or subject, even if it is not on the list..

As an Allied Health Specialist Educator, I enjoy helping with accademic, social, emotional & physical skills from early intervention, primary through to Masters & PhD levels. One of my passions is to teach Japanese & English as second languages for school, uni, travel or business. As an qualifed Teacher's Aid and Adult Trainer, I also enjoy using second languages, music, creative writing & art as alternative learning strategies for people with disabilities & mental/emtional health concerns. I also have experience with learning difficalutlies, such as dylexia, Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, as well as home schooling & specialised education for refugees, migrants and international students.

I charge $50/hr for face to face sessions (including Skype)

Dozo yoroshiku, ne.. thanks!

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