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Tutor Name : Jenny Jenny
Accreditation No : AU1095466
Location : Rowville, Victoria (Online tutor)
Summary : The Tutoring Company specialises in delivering personalised one-on-one tuition by focusing on a student's individual strengths and weaknesses. Tuition is delivered within the student's home (Australia), or online (Australia and International).

Our online tutoring services provide each student with their own private classroom and all sessions are recorded for easy review. Students can upload documents in any format allowing them to complete schoolwork, review classwork or receive instruction of upcoming units of work, allowing them to be ahead of their peers. Students establish relationships with their tutors through video and consistency with the same tutor.

Home-based sessions are personalised and tuition is focused on a student's particular areas of difficulty, by building on their strengths. No more parent drop-offs and pick-ups meaning this is an ideal solution for busy families.

Tutors are generally qualified or student teachers, with all tutors specialists in their field.
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Tutor Name : Olivia Olivia
Accreditation No : AU2844969
Location : Denmark, Western Australia
Summary : My name is Jasmine and I am an experienced teacher and tutor. I have taught students of many ages and backgrounds, from early childhood, primary, and special needs, to ESL for adult migrants and refugees. I have been running Word Coach - a small private tuition business - in Denmark since 2016. Word Coach provides English, Mathematics and Indonesian language tuition, in the form of individual or small group sessions. We also offer NAPLAN, OLNA and IELTS preparation support. My vision for Word Coach is to tutor and guide with tailored learning strategies, so personalised and supportive, that every student leaving our service feels more confident and capable.
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Tutor Name : Irene Irene
Accreditation No : AU1331968
Location : Woodville South , South Australia
Summary : I provide an innovative and specialised small group tutoring program for primary aged children that is designed to build confidence, motivate and guide young learners in reaching their full potential. I aim to tutor differently using the skills and strategies learnt over time as a classroom teacher.

I am a fully qualified and experienced primary school teacher that creates an environment in which children are able to gain confidence through a carefully constructed program tailored to their learning needs. I teach by encouraging children to learn collaboratively.

I provide a fun, hands on and inclusive experience in learning. I focus specifically on children's needs in Numeracy and Literacy. I have also created learning activities to cater for children with Dyslexia and other learning needs.

I am committed to developing learners who can confidently apply their knowledge and skills now and in the future.

I am an Educational Specialist who aims to meet your child's specific learning needs.

I charge $40 for 50 minutes.
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Tutor Name : Tracey Tracey
Accreditation No : AU2125141
Location : Dalby, Queensland
Summary : I am a dedicated teaching professional with over 25 years’ experience in classroom teaching in Queensland State Schools, who is committed to providing a well-balanced, supportive, and engaging learning environment for all students.

I charge $20 per half hour session.

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Tutor Name : Dr Carolyn Dr Carolyn
Accreditation No : AU2325629
Location : BELLINGEN, New South Wales
Summary : I have 40 years of successful teaching experience initiating improvement in teaching, learning and classroom practice. This experience has led me to help and support students and teachers achieve enhanced learning outcomes. I am an expert in developing a student's Emotional Intelligence to enhance learning in all subjects. As a Doctor of Education I offer superior essay-writing, organisation, assessment completion and study skill guidance for upper primary and secondary students.
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Tutor Name : Samantha Samantha
Accreditation No : AU4400782
Location : Molendinar, Queensland (Online tutor)
Summary : Wings Tuition and Learning Support provides individualised learning support and tuition to students of diverse abilities via 1:1, live video web conferencing. We don't just tutor students, we take young people under our wing to provide coaching and mentoring that supports them to grow in independence and confidence. Via online delivery we are able to offer flexible tuition hours, highly personalised tuition and an online help desk for students to use anytime they need to ask their personal tutor a question.
Our tutors are trained in delivering Sounds Write and Understanding Words literacy intervention. All tutors are trained to work with diverse learners struggling with specific and general literacy and numeracy difficulties.
When students struggle with the foundation skills of literacy and numeracy their progress in all areas of academic life suffers. This causes them to become demoralised and disengaged from learning. This is why, Wings Tuition focuses on the foundation skills of literacy and numeracy.
By drawing on excellent research-backed, direct instruction models, we provide intensive, efficient & structured literacy and numeracy intervention for students of all abilities.
We strive to always provide tuition, advice and support by using accountable processes and clear communication.
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Tutor Name : Lone Lone
Accreditation No : AU2938346
Location : Port Melbourne, Victoria
Summary : My aim is to bring each student to his/her happiest and fullest potential. I ensure a welcoming, prepared learning environment for each child, maintaining positive, supportive relationships with parents. I am an early childhood professional who works with high integrity.
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Tutor Name : Melanie Melanie
Accreditation No : AU1880725
Location : Highfields, Queensland
Summary : I am a registered teacher with experience working with children with learning difficulties and differences. I believe that all children should be successful learners and that as an educator it is my job to find ways for them to break down the barriers to learning and develop strategies and skills for them to become confident, independent learners.
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Tutor Name : Sue-Ellen Sue-Ellen
Accreditation No : AU1624638
Location : Castle Hill, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : I am a specialist Multi Sensory Language Educator, dyslexia specialist and SPELD tutor, with many years experience in Learning Support and teaching students with a variety of challenges. I believe learning should be fun and purposeful and am currently a PhD candidate conducting research on dyslexia interventions in mainstream schools. Referrals available.

Small group and individual tuition is available.
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Tutor Name : Behnam Behnam
Accreditation No : AU6697026
Location : Summer hill , New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : Coming soon
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Tutor Name : Carolyn Carolyn
Accreditation No : AU5533244
Location : Bright, Victoria
Summary : I have been working with additional needs children since 1993 supporting children at various Riding for the Disabled locations and helping children who have struggled in different areas of their schooling.

I have Diploma in Education Support, Diploma in Kinesiology, I have also completed many courses on Specific Learning Difficulties and am currently studying Educational Psychology.

I currently work as inclusion support for children with additional needs at Kindergarten .
My son has Dysgraphia together we have developed many strategies that help him.

I have become very aware through my own experiences and that of many people I have spoken to of the need for students to be given every opportunity to succeed.

It is critical that students who have difficulties in learning are given support so that they feel supported and can gain a sense of achievement.

I believe every child should be able to access support with their education.

There are many ways to support learning and each child has individual strengths weaknesses and areas that are problematic. My goal is to work with the child's strengths and give them tools to help overcome their difficulties.

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Tutor Name : David David
Accreditation No : AU2967313
Location : Bridgewater, South Australia (Online tutor)
Summary : Chesslife is the dream of founder and Head Coach David Koetsier. David has been a professional chess coach of more than 20 years and leads his team of highly qualified and dedicated Chess Coaches to teach chess in Adelaide. Together they teach chess at schools, run chess tournaments, school holiday activities and have started local chess clubs.
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Tutor Name : Patricia Patricia
Accreditation No : AU5324758
Location : BALCATTA, Western Australia (Online tutor)
Summary : I’ve taught in a variety of schools across all curriculums and grades and have experience in teaching students with special needs, gifted and talented, and ESL.
I’ve been tutoring students of all ages for the last seven years and really enjoy seeing their progress.

Having travelled throughout Europe and spending a year studying in the USA, I really value the importance of further studies to keep me up to date in the field of education.

One on one and small group tuition is the perfect environment for students to learn. As a tutor, I am fully committed to giving my students the most valuable learning experience as possible.
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Tutor Name : Fiona Fiona
Accreditation No : AU7324273
Location : Crookwell, New South Wales
Summary : Fiona has worked with children from a wide range of backgrounds for over 25 years. Whilst working as a Special Education teacher she became aware of the crucial role early intervention plays in addressing issues, such as anxiety and behavioural challenges. Fiona strongly believes that by bringing knowledge, experience and a belief that all children can succeed together they can then be empowered to make positive and lasting change.
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Tutor Name : Donna Donna
Accreditation No : AU1045068
Location : Coffs Harbour, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : Konnichiwa, my name is Donna sensei and I love tutoring and mentoring anyone, who is studying anything at any level. I am a bi-lingual, multi-strand tutor with more than 30 years experience across 38 subjects to date. Please don't hestitate to ask about your particular unit or subject, even if it is not on the list..

As an Allied Health Specialist Educator, I enjoy helping with accademic, social, emotional & physical skills from early intervention, primary through to Masters & PhD levels. One of my passions is to teach Japanese & English as second languages for school, uni, travel or business. As an qualifed Teacher's Aid and Adult Trainer, I also enjoy using second languages, music, creative writing & art as alternative learning strategies for people with disabilities & mental/emtional health concerns. I also have experience with learning difficalutlies, such as dylexia, Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, as well as home schooling & specialised education for refugees, migrants and international students.

I charge $50/hr for face to face sessions (including Skype)

Dozo yoroshiku, ne.. thanks!
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Tutor Name : Amanda Amanda
Accreditation No : AU1101000
Location : Foster, Victoria
Summary : As a teacher passionate about individualised and resource based learning I have taught in Mainstream primary, Montessori and Special Education settings.

My career has seen me:
Specialising in developmental education.
Developing a specialist interest in sensory needs.
Lead to social and emotional based coaching for students 3 - 14 years.
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Tutor Name : Amanda Amanda
Accreditation No : AU6420126
Location : Bowral , New South Wales
Summary : With a BA Dip Ed and a Masters in Special Education, I have over twenty years teaching experience. My focus is English, Mathematics and Special Education. My services include: educational assessments; IEP's (Individual Education Plans); one-to-one tuition in literacy and/or numeracy; parent training sessions; consultancy/support for parents and teachers. I am available to teach students from 4 to 13 years of age as well as teenagers and adults with specific learning difficulties.
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Tutor Name : Danielle Danielle
Accreditation No : AU1379307
Location : Bangor, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : Step by Step Learning™ provides tuition to both Primary and High School students (K-12) who present with a range of abilities. Our tutors actively seek to identify students’ weaknesses and areas of difficulties to set goals, and structure their sessions accordingly. Our tutors understand that each student possesses their own strengths, and these are identified to build confidence, and scaffold learning, so that each student gains the most benefit from their tutoring sessions.

SBSL is an authentic community, where tutors are invested in their students and their goals. The role of a tutor is far broader than just an academic teacher. Our tutors provide mentoring, build trusting relationships and facilitate open communication with students and parents, while also being positive role models to students.

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