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Tutor Name : Catherine Catherine
Accreditation No : AU2487390
Location : Castaways Beach, Queensland (Online tutor)
Summary : Catherine is a qualified and experienced primary school teacher for all ages and abilities. Education can be fun, focused and flexible when fundamental learning techniques are introduced.
Navigating the school curriculum and performing for standardised testing is a mammoth undertaking for all concerned. Tutelage will support this journey.
My style of tutoring successfully enables students to develop and improve academic outcomes, while nurturing the child’s unique characteristics. In addition to closely following Australian curriculum standards, a broad array of learning pathways such as VARK modalities, NLP techniques and PLP are used to produce effective results.

Individual $80ph
Small groups $40ph each
Family Packages available
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Tutor Name : Dr Carolyn Dr Carolyn
Accreditation No : AU2325629
Location : BELLINGEN, New South Wales
Summary : I have 40 years of successful teaching experience initiating improvement in teaching, learning and classroom practice. This experience has led me to help and support students and teachers achieve enhanced learning outcomes. I am an expert in developing a student's Emotional Intelligence to enhance learning in all subjects. As a Doctor of Education I offer superior essay-writing, organisation, assessment completion and study skill guidance for upper primary and secondary students.
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Tutor Name : Narelle Narelle
Accreditation No : AU1124765
Location : New Farm, Queensland (Online tutor)
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Tutor Name : Elizabeth Elizabeth
Accreditation No : AU2991931
Location : Mt Pleasant, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : I am a qualified teacher with teaching experience of over 20 years in both Primary and Secondary schools. I have a Graduate Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and tutor at University of Wollongong in this area I have also worked at the University of Wollongong in the Faculty of Education.This involved lecturing, leading tutorials, marking and assessing student assignments.

I also offer tutoring in Dance for the HSC. I have 10 years experience as a High School Dance Teacher with students achieving Band 6 results and offers to perform at Callback. I have marked for the HSC so I understand and can help with Dance Appreciation essay writing as well as preparation for Performance and Composition Discussions.
I take a positive and patient approach and enjoy helping students build self-confidence in themselves as their skills improve.
My availability is flexible and I'm able to arrange times to fit into individual schedules.

I charge $60/hour.
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Tutor Name : archie archie
Accreditation No : AU6861999
Location : Carramar, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : Budget Star Tuition Services Australia provides quality tuition services at affordable and discounted prices for students in the K-12 year range. We also provide tuition and assignment help for vocational and university students at competitive and discounted prices. I have worked as a tutor and teacher for over 15 years in Sydney covering general reading, writing and humanities subjects (commerce, business,geography,economics,accounting etc) for years K-12 and tertiary subjects in the areas of accounting and business. My method of tuition is based on the evaluation and identification of individual strengths and weaknesses that each student possesses. I then focus on building the strengths and remedying the weaknesses. This methodological approach is based on what the student and parents want to achieve and how much time they are prepared to allocate. The main objective is to encourage students of all ages to learn with confidence.
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Tutor Name : terry terry
Accreditation No : AU1291000
Location : Foresy Lake, Queensland (Online tutor)
Summary : The Forest Lake and Springfield Kip McGrath Education Centers are presently lead by Terry Mazzer and the amazing Kip team.

Terry is a qualified, passionate teacher with more than 40 years teaching experience in special needs, early childhood ,primary education and secondary.

He is a teacher dedicated to filling the gaps in your child's education.

In partnership with Kip McGrath, Terry and his dedicated, committed, caring team can help get your child back on track with learning and help in the development of his/her potential for future success.

The basic system in Kip McGrath is simple: first, children are assessed to determine their strengths and weaknesses in reading, spelling, comprehension, writing, grammar and maths.

This is a free comprehensive assessment followed by a consultation with parents. From this assessment a programme can be written based on the individual needs of the student.

We also consider individual learning styles as this can have a huge impact on children's learning ability.

These elements are what makes Kip McGrath Forest Lake and Springfield different from other tuition: children's programmes are based on their individual needs and learning styles.

Children are taught individually within a small group setting. dedicated, experienced teachers work with a maximum of five students, each child working on their individual programme getting one-one assistance as they require it.

We will teach basic skills in english and maths at the level required by the child. secondary students can also work in areas required for their school programme.

Experience shows us that children do not require one-one assistance all the time and as such, we encourage the development of independent learning.

The Forest Lake and Springfield centres also cater for children who want to keep up and get ahead at school.

Extension programmes and scholarship preparation can also be designed to cater for individual needs. We have also had enormous success working with students who have learning and attention difficulties.

In addition to providing these students with maths and english tuition, we encourage them to take ownership of their learning and behaviour and develop strategies to overcome challenges.

These two Kip McGrath centres also offer programmes for esl / eal, study skills for secondary students and physics, chemistry and accounting for yr 11 and 12s.

KMEC Forest Lake and Springfield are always at the cutting edge of new technology developments and have piloted all of the new online management and teaching programmes.

The Forest Lake centre caters for students from Forest Lake, Camira, Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Durack, Richlands and all surrounding areas.
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Tutor Name : Patricia Patricia
Accreditation No : AU5324758
Location : BALCATTA, Western Australia (Online tutor)
Summary : I’ve taught in a variety of schools across all curriculums and grades and have experience in teaching students with special needs, gifted and talented, and ESL.
I’ve been tutoring students of all ages for the last seven years and really enjoy seeing their progress.

Having travelled throughout Europe and spending a year studying in the USA, I really value the importance of further studies to keep me up to date in the field of education.

One on one and small group tuition is the perfect environment for students to learn. As a tutor, I am fully committed to giving my students the most valuable learning experience as possible.
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Tutor Name : Carolyn Carolyn
Accreditation No : AU1406663
Location : Melbourne, Victoria (Online tutor)
Summary : Born to Soar offers a range of mentoring, enrichment, extension, individual, small group and online learning opportunities for gifted and talented students across a range of curriculum areas. All classes are aligned with the Australian Curriculum. We have expertise in re-engaging the underachieving student who may be twice exceptional (managing a learning disability), dealing with over-excitabilities which makes learning in class a challenge or simply letting you know they are bored in class and no longer are engaged in the learning process. Please visit our website or further information and costs of courses. We can design a bespoke program for your child on request don’t hesitate to contact us for support with your child’s learning needs.
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Tutor Name : Raymund Raymund
Accreditation No : AU3147929
Location : GOLDSBOROUGH, Queensland
Summary : I am passionate about bringing out the best in people and I believe that education is the key to unlocking each individual's potential. I have 29 years of teaching experience in diverse contexts across all levels from Prep to tertiary. I have gained significant insights into the learning processes and how to help each person be all that they can be.
Group sessions are $55 for 70 minutes and individual sessions are $80 for 70 minutes.
Specialist tutors are employed in my centre to cater to a wide variety of student levels, interests and needs.
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Tutor Name : Michelle Michelle
Accreditation No : AU2922509
Location : Turramurra, New South Wales
Summary : At Literacy Circle students learn to read and write in a fun and engaging way in one-on-one or small group lessons. Using explicit phonics instruction and a multi-sensory approach, students are able to progress through Little Steps, Big Steps and Power Steps. I offer free assessments for Primary aged students to identify the most suitable level at which to begin. An experienced primary school teacher, I have also had specific training in teaching dyslexic students. In addition, I provide multi-sensory maths tuition for Primary aged students. Please contact me to discuss your child’s individual needs.
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Tutor Name : Philippa Philippa
Accreditation No : AU2471193
Location : Marmion, Western Australia (Online tutor)
Summary : Highly trained teacher with extensive experience in teaching and tutoring. Specialist skills and knowledge in assisting students who experience difficulties in Literacy and Numeracy. I conduct one-on-one tutoring sessions at the child's school site (in school hours) and work with the child's teacher and school to organise a time that will fit within the classroom timetable.
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Tutor Name : Meredyth Meredyth
Accreditation No : AU2747759
Location : Thornlie, Western Australia (Online tutor)
Summary : I am the state winner of the 2018 ASG National Excellence in Teaching Award.

I am an experienced teacher looking to provide tutoring to primary aged children.

I currently work at a local primary school and have taught Year 2,4,5 and 6.

I specialise in literacy and have trained at the Dyslixia Speld Foundation in Perth. I can also teach students where English is an additional language.

I have had additional training to make me an excellent math teacher, where my focus is on hands-on math teaching and not on text books.

My university degrees also allow me to teach history, geography and education.

One-on-one or small group tuition allows me to quickly identify and target academic issues. Many teachers and tutors will patch the problem and just put a bandaid on a sceptic wound. Academic issues are often caused by a lack of understanding of basics therefore, I like to go back to the beginning and sure up all the foundations, which allows for a stronger understanding. This helps the student to progress and succeed over the long term.
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Tutor Name : Julieann Julieann
Accreditation No : AU2334674
Location : Ascot, Queensland (Online tutor)
Summary : Education and training have been my passions and expertise for over 15 years, teaching students from Years 5-12. I am a senior English/Humanities teacher with expertise and training in Growth Mindset development.
I have Stage 2 PhD research experience in developing resilience and skills in calming and focusing the mind for maximum learning.
With a small team of tutors, we are committed to taking care of the business of supporting our learners to reach their goals.

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