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Tutor Name : Susan Susan
Accreditation No : AU1246362
Location : Warwick, Queensland (Online tutor)
Summary : Since teacher graduation and qualification as teacher librarian, I have served private and state schools as a classroom teacher and teacher librarian, from prep to year 12. My information management and retrieval skills and ongoing professional development in curriculum, assignment writing and editing academic writing have been successfully exercised for students. I specialise in building confidence and independence rather than long term tutoring dependence. I am accredited with Ronald McDonald House Learning Programs to support students whose medical needs necessitate assistance through distance education or learning support.
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Tutor Name : Sasha Sasha
Accreditation No : AU8745781
Location : Seven Hills, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : NIE will help you prepare for UMAT

Established in 1999, the National Institute of Education (NIE) conducts UMAT Preparation courses aimed at developing the knowledge, skills and strategies required to maximise your entry potential. NIE was the first UMAT provider to be a Government Registered Training Organisation. Our teachers are fully qualified, experienced and committed to the standards of excellence in education and teaching. NIE is supported by expert staff and advisors including teachers accredited by the Department of Education and Training, a range of Health Care Professionals, Social Workers, Academics and Practicing Clinicians. Our UMAT teaching staff have all sat the UMAT and have an academic background directly relevant to the three respective sections of the UMAT.

Our unique approach…

Researching, teaching and reviewing our UMAT prep programs over the past fourteen years has put us at the forefront of UMAT preparation tuition. Students are treated as individuals, with a level of respect deserved by such high achievers, and the approach of our staff is to nurture their progress through a balanced program of self-directed learning and face-to-face teaching. The NIE programs are specifically designed to maximise a student’s preparation time without detracting from their other studies. Core to our programs are the hardcopy books that immitate the true UMAT. No online training can come close to this.

NIE is still the only provider offering:

Hardcopy manuals for every construct (section) of the UMAT
Teachers accredited by the Department of Education and Training, expert staff and advisors
Expert teachers for each section of the UMAT
A revolutionary UMAT interview one-on-one training program (University-specific MMI and structured interviews)
NIE has also run preparation workshops for the Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admission Test (GAMSAT), is the only UMAT preparation provider to have run courses in London.
Provides GAMSAT preparation advice and GAMSAT personalised one-on-one interview training.
UMAT interview preparation

We also offer interview training, but remember that your first goal is to achieve a score that will gain you the UMAT interview, and with a fail rate of greater than 85%, exam preparation must be your focus first.

NIE UMAT Preparation includes

Eight UMAT books with over 800 pages of specialised curriculums and over 1600 UMAT practice questions (Premium UMAT course). Ten UMAT books with over 1700 pages of specialised curriculums and over 4000 quality UMAT practice questions (Platinum UMAT Course). All written by our committed PreMed UMAT Prep NIE Team. We extensively research and review our notes every year, adding new UMAT practice test questions, resulting in the most up-to-date and relevant preparation available. Six of our UMAT books are supplied as hard copy, the UMAT Starter and UMAT Update Packs are emailed for speed and convenience (printable PDFs). The UMAT Starter Pack is emailed as soon as students apply providing instant access to the first installment of our balanced preparation program. We do not conduct online UMAT courses where you have limited access and no ownership of the material. We do not charge you online membership fee that you would have to pay again if you need more UMAT practice. NIE provides quality written material that you own forever and can use anywhere anytime, allowing for greater flexibility and incorporation into already hectic schedules.

NIE UMAT Practice workshops include:

An overview of the total UMAT process (exams, scores, standardising, applications, university requirements, interviews and more) including past experiences, professional advice and performance expectations; each student is individually assessed and fine-tuned for peak performance. Strategic Problem Solving and Tuition in each of the three UMAT Constructs (UMAT Sections). Highly experienced and expert lecturers define and explain each area. A full UMAT Practice Exam conducted under exam conditions, followed by a feedback session. Expose your true strengths and weaknesses in relation to UMAT-readiness.
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Tutor Name : Jak Jak
Accreditation No : AU2552992
Location : Wembley , Western Australia (Online tutor)
Summary : At MMS Learning we approach education differently to other tutoring companies. Our tutors don't focus on a quick fix study method to get you through an exam or assignment but rather support students throught their studies and maximise their academic potential. This is a more effective method and gives the students maximum improvement in the long run. Each student has a different way of learning so they receive a personalized learning strategy from our dedicated tutors. We teach students more than the coursework; we provide them with tips to improve organisation, study methods, revison and motivation which in turn makes there learning easier and builds confidence for ANY assessment. At MMS Learning our goal is not to help students "get through" their education; we want them to have the confidence they will always do well on their assessments so they can focus on furthering their education and stress less. We know each and every student has the potential to succeed with the right support and development around them.
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Tutor Name : Maxin Maxin
Accreditation No : AU2597688
Location : Perth, Western Australia (Online tutor)
Summary : I am currently studying for a Master of Biomedical Science. Last year, I completed my Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Biology, Anatomy and Genetics. I have been tutoring for the past 3 years and love seeing how students improve their understanding of various subjects. I am as passionate about teaching science and Maths as I am about teaching English, French and Chinese. One of the many benefits of tutoring is seeing students reach their goals, whether it be to simply understand a topic or to extend their knowledge above and beyond curriculum expectations.
I am heavily involved with sports, having represented my university, state and country.
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Tutor Name : Harry Harry
Accreditation No : AU8998335
Location : Maroubra, New South Wales (Online tutor)
Summary : First Education offers One on One K to 12 Tuition in Maths, English, and all major subjects… with a difference!

With an incredible focus on learning with passion, confidence and hard work, the tutors at First Education lay a positive foundation from the very beginning, without which it is near impossible to learn effectively.

Subsequently, with a structured and rigorous system involving the identification of a student’s strengths and weaknesses, it is possible to give each student the right nudge to achieving better marks.

In this way the gap between every student’s current mark and 100% is slowly closed, so that they can truly come … first!
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Tutor Name : Rhonda Rhonda
Accreditation No : AU1517430
Location : North Rockhampton, Queensland
Summary : At Yearn to Learn, we are professional teachers – a mixture of young and young at heart, some with many years’ experience and some at the very beginning of their teaching careers, guys and gals who follow the precepts and guidelines of the Australian National Curriculum.

Beginning with reading readiness in Kindergarten and Prep we extend to Senior English, Mathematics and Sciences in High School.

We do not believe in placing a ceiling on our expectations for any of our students including the socially or cognitively disadvantaged. We teach with equal passion both students who are naturally talented and those who thrive with nurture,

For all our students, there is the wish to share with them a love of learning and the confidence to pursue and achieve a positive learning outcome.

Yearn to Learn Pty Ltd was established in 2004.

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