Working with Children Checks

Australia’s child protection laws vary from state to state.  All accredited tutors must meet the ‘Working with Children’ requirements imposed in the states in which they wish to tutor, and in states that don’t have a ‘Working with Children’ check process, they must have a current National Crime Check.  Accredited Tutor can coordinate a National Crime Check on your behalf, and the cost of this check is included in the cost of accreditation.



Click the relevant state link below, to be directed to state government page that will assist you to commence an application for a Working with Children Check in your state.  Note that if you wish to provide tutoring in more than one state that has a Working with Children (or equivalent) requirement, you must complete the process in each state separately:

NSW Working with Children Check Application

VIC Working with Children Check Application

QLD Blue Card Application

WA Working with Children Check Application

NT Working with Children Clearance Notice Application (Ochre Card)

ACT Working with Vulnerable People Registration

You will need to supply evidence of your current Working with Children Check(s) to Accredited Tutor as part of the tutor accreditation process.

South Australia and Tasmania do not currently have a working with children requirement in place, so if you wish to provide tutoring services in these states and be an accredited tutor, we require that you complete a National Crime Check.  We can assist you with this, and step you through the process when you apply for tutor accreditation.